Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Production Celebratory Film Shunned by Netizens

Movie-star packed production

Despite the incredible star power of the soon-to-be-released movie, "The Founding of a Republic"—the main celebratory film for the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic, Chinese netizens only sniff at it by announcing “absolutely not going to watch it.”

A recent post on Tianya BBS lists three reasons of not to watch this huge production: no money, no time, no need. This netizen, self-named “I am No. What,” claims that he would rather donate the money to help poor kids than buy the ticket for the movie. Jet Li might have been his idol, he writes, but in this movie Mr. Li is only a decoration. With so many—nearly 100—renowned movie stars, from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, all packed in one movie, all the audience could do while watching it is counting the stars, the post states.

This movie, due on Sept. 17, is yet another astonishing production of China Film Group Corporation and its Chairman, Mr. Han Sanping, the company and man behind last year’s blockbuster, "Red Cliff", directed by John Woo. Set at the end of the civil war between the Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang in the 1940s, the movie depicts the historical development of China’s political consultative system, in which the communist party governs in “collaboration” with social groups other than those deemed as the proletariat in the Chinese society.

The post of “I am No. What” has attracted over 100 responses, mostly in favor of its motion. Netizens also point out that several big stars featured in this movie, such as Jet Li and Jacky Chan, have renounced their Chinese citizenship and become citizens of other countries. Letting them play a role in a movie about the founding of the People’s Republic is like “slapping on one’s own face,” one comment reads.

For decades, showing celebratory films during the Oct. 1 National Day holiday has become a political, as well as cultural ritual in China. These movies tend to have relatively big budget, comparing with average Chinese production. "The Founding of a Republic" is of no exception, only with even eye-popping collection of big-name movie stars, which could well set the record of Chinese film. It is an indication that the party intends to make some strong public impressions upon the 60th anniversary of its ruling.
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