Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's New in China

Chinese Communist Party to Require Officials to Report “Personal Affairs”
President Hu Jintao participated in a meeting on Tuesday discussing a regulation regarding party officials’ reporting to supervisors on their personal affairs, Xinhua reported. The meeting pointed out that such a regulation would play an important role in keeping party officials from corruption, and stressed on efficient enforcement of the regulation. Implementing such a regulation is yet another anti-corruption effort by the party’s central committee in recent years.

Shanghai Karaoke Clubs Discussing Intellectual Property Right Charges
In their meeting on Monday, many Karaoke club owners expressed doubts of the practicability of lavishing such fees and called for a public hearing on this issue. For a long time, Chinese people have entertained themselves by singing artists' songs without paying for music intellectual property right, but this is about to change. The national administration of intellectual property rights has issued a draft regulation dealing with IP right charges in Karaoke business and is asking for feedbacks from the public, China Business News reported. http://www.00-852.com/exec1/news/20068/News2/299628.shtml

----by Josie Liu

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