Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Supreme Court Set Limitations on Press Access
National and commercial secrets, personal privacy and name, address and picture of juvenile suspects are among the information barred from publicity, the Supreme Court said on Tuesday. Instead, the court system in China will universally adopt a news release-spokesman approach to handle release of information, Xinhua reported. Judges are also prohibited from speaking to journalists without authorization.

As legal issues are receiving more and more attention from the media and society in recent years and sometimes trigger bitter debate about the judicial process as well as verdict of certain cases, the new move would limit the public’s access to court information through the media.

Makeover for the Olympics in Beijing
Iron fences installed outside windows facing major streets in Beijing will be removed, the Beijing government ordered on Tuesday. Such fences, installed to prevent burglary, are seen extruding residential and business buildings everywhere in China. Officials in Beijing deem such fences as impairing the city look and therefore necessary to be eliminated before the 2008 Olympic Games. Instead, inside-building fences will be installed, the Beijing Times reported, but no details of funding for such changes were provided.

Besides removing the fences, other projects will be carried out in the next two years to make the city of Beijing look better, including cleaning up the city corners and turning spaces below the city’s giant over-head bridges into parks.

----by Josie Liu

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