Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cars to be Kept out of Beijing Roads During Important Conference

The logo of the conference is set up on the Tiananmen Square

More than half of the vehicles belonging to government agencies, military units and state-owned companies in Beijing are ordered to be kept at home from Nov.1 to Nov.6, when the China-Africa Cooperation Conference will be held, Beijing Evening News reported.

Meanwhile, many roads in Beijing will be blocked, and even the working and school schedule will be changed to guarantee good traffic during the conference, which actually will be held from Nov.3 to Nov. 5.

This is just another crazy example to show how bad the traffic in Beijing has become. In order to make sure hundreds of government officials and guests from African countries will be able to travel smoothly from the airport to hotels and around the city during their stay, the city could not do much but to ask large amounts of cars not to get on the roads at all, as well as government agencies and schools to pick other working or class hours than usual, no matter how confusing and incontinent that will be.

If hosting such an international meeting would require such big fusses to keep the traffic going, it’s simply terrifying to think how the city will handle the 2008 Olympic Games.

----by Josie Liu

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A Dog said...

Well, they can do what the Los Angeles Olympic Committee did in 1984, which is to provide carpool incentives for businesses. It was amazingly effective.. too bad it didn't continue after the Olympics ended.