Friday, May 11, 2007

Child Sexual Abuse in China Documented by Scholar

The book, titled "Shame of Sex ? Or Pain of Harm?"

The first social study report in mainland China about child sexual abuse was published recently. The author, education researcher Long Di, told Beijing Morning Post that the case of child sexual abuse is increasing in China.

There were 135 cases of girl’s rape reported to All-China Women’s Federation in 1997, and the number reached over 3000 in 2000, she said.

Ms. Long Di’s book documented the experience of six young girls from a northern China village who suffered sexual abuse. They were abused by their school teacher since the second grade for two years.

The six families finally reported to the police, but then some villagers started to gossip with exaggeration about the girls' experience, and some others prohibited their own children to socialize with those victims.

Ms. Long said in order to prevent sexual abuse of children, researchers need to study those sex offenders first, and listen to their stories. More education to increase the awareness of child sexual abuse among students is also necessary, she added.

Child sexual abuse has long existed in China but started to gain attentions from scholars and the public only in recent years. Victims, especially those in rural area, are often times too ashamed to report abuses to the police or officials in fear of losing their own and their family’s dignity. Many people still don’t see such abuse as a crime of the offender, but merely a shame of the victim.


Jenn said...

I have wondered about child protection services in China for a long time now. I worry that because there are so many other problems and because development is the number one priority of the government that many children and women suffer terrible abuses with no where to go.

I am glad that some research has been done. As a foreigner, I feel like there is no way I would ever have access to this information. So it is up to Chinese scholars to start and make it a national concern.

Thanks for pointing this study and book out.

ping said...

It is really not a simple issue because of different culture standard between Western and Eastern. For example, Iriq and US. There is no easy way to claim what is correct or not. If so, there should be no Court needed, simply find some DNA and the job is done -- my point is: the background of culture.

Anonymous said...

i agree with ping. westerners are hypocrites and pretend theyre higly moral but actually they are repressed socities. so what thewy preach and what they practice is totally opposite. easterners live in a family environment and maybe affection and love is misconstued as abuse. westerners dont give their children love and affection but have great fun in sexually abusing them.

Michael Mogg said...

The above comment by Anonymous is ridiculous. It's not an East vs. West debate. Child abuse and child sexual abuse occurs all over the world in every culture, and any idea to the contrary is denial. Cultures in which sexual abuse victims – either adult or child victims – are treated as offenders need to change. That sentiment simply isn't right by anyone's moral standard.

In which culture do they blame the store owner for having products stolen? My guess would be zero: a universal moral standard.

Anonymous said...

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