Friday, February 02, 2007

Cursing Comments forced Celebrities to Shut Down Blogs

Mr. Pan Shiyi

In a recent blog entry, famous real estate entrepreneur Pan Shiyi called on blog readers “not to curse mom” in their comments, because it is a “very bad habit” and has forced several celebrity bloggers to shut down their sites.

As many celebrities in China, including movie stars, popular writers and TV hosts, Mr. Pan keeps a blog on While having received over 31 million hits, his blog also has seen flood of hostile comments.

He blamed poor education for such verbal abuses, in that those who curse on other people’s blog perhaps did not learn good language manner when they were young. Media also contribute to such “language violence,” Mr. Pan added, referring to media in the Cultural Revolution, which was full of harsh languages and influenced people growing up in that era. These people, however, may only hurl invectives on the Internet, and may be nice in real life, he told Shanghai-based

One of his celebrity friends, song writer Gao Xiaosong, abruptly shut down his blog after some diligent posting for a while. Mr. Gao later told Mr. Pan that some people came to his blog to assail him everyday and involved his mother, which made the lady feel very sad. “For his mother, he shut down his own blog,” Mr. Pan wrote.

Mr. Gao’s blog, apparently opened in June on, still holds the space, but no posts any more. However, some of the hostile comments, posted in August and September, are still there. Among them are cruel personal attacks, such as comparing him to a pig.

Bai Ye, a literature critic, is said to be the first famous figure to shut down his blog. He was overwhelmed by a storm of diatribe on his blog after he posted an entry criticizing new generation writer Han Han, who also keeps a popular blog on Han Han’s fans posted many unbearable comments, including dirty words, attacking Mr. Bai.

To keep his site clean, Mr. Pan said he assigned a secretary to delete promptly such invectives every day, “not only those personal attacks, but also any comment cursing any party, any god, and mother.”

Still, Mr. Pan said that he would not give up blogging, because blog is his “spiritual home.”

----by Josie Liu


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