Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Restrictions on Celebrities’ Family Planning

A state government official said on Wednesday that celebrities would be barred from entering awards competitions if they break the one-child policy, several Beijing newspapers reported.

A government inspection in four cities last year found that most celebrities and high-income families had at least two children, said Mr. Yu Xuejun, an official from the National Population and Family Planning Commission.

Mr. Yu said that his agency is drafting stricter rules to punish celebrity violators, considering suggestions like establishing a “bad record” archive for them and having them face heavy fine as well as “social consequences,” such as being barred from competing for awards.

As the country still enforces the one-child policy in order to control population growth, the rule is supposed to be followed by the general public. Celebrities and other high-income people, however, constantly break the rule, because most of them do not care about paying fines or losing government sponsored benefits, like most of the common folks do.

People have seen such situation as very unfair and the government, both national and local, has started to openly denounce the rich and famous and take actions to curb the trend.

----by Josie Liu

2 comments: said...

I applaud this new government action. A lot of the famous celebrities think they are above the law. I hope the day will come soon, when everybody is equal in front of the law in China.

Anonymous said...

Do you know some normal celebrity websites?