Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2007 NPC, CPPCC Journal, Day 10

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CPPCC Blogger Ambiguous about Blogging

Mr. Wang Xudong, a CPPCC member and university professor from Nanjing, suddenly faced a dilemma these days—to continue or stop his blog at after this year’s two meetings.

In his latest blog post, he said he doubted whether it was necessary to continue his blog. What prompted him to consider quitting was hostile comments posted on his blog after he said that dressing in ancient costumes is not the right way to revive China’s traditional culture.

He made the comment in a speech to a CPPCC gathering a few days ago, which was then widely reported by state media. Before long, hanfu (ancient Chinese costume) advocates dropped harsh comments on his blog, even cursing him with abusive language.

Mr. Wang was apparently hurt, and wrote, “As CPPCC members, we communicate with web users sincerely, and all we said are true words. But we are so ‘ill-treated’! What is that for?”

More NPC and CPPCC members started blogging the two meetings this year than last year, thanks to the hosting of, and, as well as some regional websites. Many of these bloggers hailed the new form as an efficient channel to hear people’s voices on relevant issues, through public comments on the blogs.

With a few exceptions, however, the content of these top legislators and political consultants’ blogs are not very rich or fresh. The posts are generally proposals and speeches they already delivered on the meetings, or published media covereage about them. Often short notes of just a few paragraphs or even sentences, the blog entries do not carry many edgy, outspoken or critical remarks.

Mr. Wang Xudong, in fact, is one of the few that frequently jot a few lines of criticism or personal thoughts. He started his blog during last year’s annual sessions and apparently had a good time doing it. But this year, he concluded that “today’s Internet environment is not very good.”

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