Saturday, March 10, 2007

2007 NPC, CPPCC Journal, Day 6

A group of Beijing youth dressed in antient style clothing, which they call hanfu, and paying respect to a historical figure.

Outspoken Comments

Dressed in Ancient Costume not the Right Way to Revive Cultural Legacy
To revive China’s traditional culture is not equal to do some restoration shows, said Wang Xudong, a CPPCC national committee member.

“There are increasing calls for reenergizing and reviving traditional culture, and all kinds of suggestions as well as practices are developing dynamically. But most of them are only superficial restorations,” Mr. Wang said, referring to trends like setting up old-fashioned private schools and wearing ancient style clothing.

He called on strengthening the research and education about China’s traditional culture in order to rediscover its essence and deeper meaning, which could be applied as a cure to “the decadency and degeneration brought about by material desires.”

One of the latest of such “restoration shows” was in earlier this month, when some newly enrolled elementary school students were dressed up in ancient costumes and worshiped Confucius in a local Confucius Temple, in a traditional ceremony for the pupils to start their study.

Er Dongcheng, commentator for, denounced the activity as having little actual meaning and pointed out that the ancient style costumes were an ill fit for little children and teachers with died bubble hair.

“To learn about traditional culture is not as simple as paying respect to the image of Confucius, or dressed in some ancient outfits,” Mr. Er writes. “What is most important is to guide children to know the deep spiritual value contained in China’s traditional culture while connecting it to the current time.”

In a relevant development, Jiang Honbing, a NPC delegate from Heilongjiang, said he has submitted a proposal to remove Starbucks from the Forbidden City in Beijing. He said simply taking off the sign of Starbucks is not enough to stop “the harm to national dignity.”

Ningbo pupils dressed in ancient costume

Interesting Ideas and Proposals

Law on Privacy Protection and Anti-corruption Urged
Businessman Peng Linji, a CPPCC member from Guangzhou, urged establishment of a law to protection personal information, like cellphone number and private car information. He warned that unauthorized disclosure and abuse of personal information are getting worse.

Another legislation idea, setting up an anti-corruption law, is brought up by CPPCC member Chu Yaping. He said the anti-corruption efforts need stronger legal support.

CPPCC national committee held press conference, focused on issues such as China’s aging society, pension system and social security.

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