Friday, March 09, 2007

2007 NPC, CPPCC Journal, Day 5

Outspoken Comments

Don’t Push for China to Top the Gold Medal List at the 2008 Olympics
It is not appropriate to fan the fever for China to top the gold medal table at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, said Xu Kuangdi, vice chairman of the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

“China’s per-capital GDP only ranks about 100 in the world. Our national power is still not very strong, and it will be good enough if China can finish top three in total number of gold medals,” Mr. Xu was quoted by as saying.

Deng Yaping, China’s ping pong world champion and a CPPCC member, also played down the importance of winning gold medals at the Olympics, and called on the public to view the issue with a “plain heart.”

British survey: China would win Olympic gold medal count

China’s Soft Power Roots in her Own Cultural Tradition
The soft power of a country has more power than tanks or cannons, because art could conquer people’s heart, said Chen Ailian, a famous dancer and CPPCC member.

On a CPPCC group meeting, she hailed the recognition of soft power in the annual work report of CPPCC standing committee, submitted for members’ review earlier in the current session.

To improve China’s soft power, Mrs. Chen urged people to seek roots from China’s traditional culture and criticized the trend of adopting too much from foreign countries.

“These years we have been too restless. There is a strong trend of underestimating ourselves and worshiping foreign things,” Mrs. Chen said in an interview with She reminded people not to forget cultural legacies from Chinese ancestors when striving for innovation.

Interesting Ideas and Proposals

Set Confucius Birthday as the National Reading Day
To encourage people to read more by advocating the Confucius’ teaching of persistent study, CPPCC member Zhu Yongxin has submitted a proposal on making September 28, the deemed birthday of Confucius, an official holiday: the National Reading Day.

This is the fifth time that Mr. Zhu submit the proposal, and the previous bids failed to gain government approval because the state government is not up to add any new official holidays.

Finance Minister Jin Renqing held press conference on Thursday.


hari deepak said...

nice article mrs.liu ..but look at this comment :- "China’s per-capital GDP only ranks about 100 in the world." world's economy as far as i know china is 4th in the world behind US,Japan and Germany in terms of nominal(GDP) .......Their economy is almost equal to german economy...How far is the above comment justified then?

Also how far is this anti-japanese sentiment rising in china due to whatever historical reasons justifiable?

thank you...

Josie Liu said...

oh, the official was refering to per capital GDP, which means deviding China's GDP by China's 1.3 billion population. but German's population is only a fraction of that in China. so in terms of PER CAPITAL GDP, China ranks pretty low in the world. as for the anti-Japan thing, i really don't have a good answer.

Beijing said...

China population is so huge that it's easy to use statistics to say all and its contrary.

There is a link between Sport results, population size, and GDP.

The most incredible is Australia, a population of 20 millions, 17 gold medals, 49 total. You need 400 000 Australians to produce one champion. USA, 300 millions, 102 medals, almost 3 millions Americans to produce one champion!!!